Ubuntu – How to keep application running after closing the terminal

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I am new to Ubuntu. I have used Sublime Text. I have realized that after I open Sublime Text from the Terminal, if I close the terminal the application keeps running. The same isn't true for other applications like geany.

After I open the application from terminal, when I close the terminal the application also closes. I have tried &exit like geany &exit. But this isn't what I am looking for.

How can I keep geany running even after I close it?

Best Answer

EDIT: This may only work for certain types of terminals. It is best to run one more command of disown after starting your commands like below so the applications are disassociated with the terminal window.

From a terminal window, type in

nohup geany > /dev/null


nohup geany >/dev/null &

nohup allows the application to be ran and immune to hangups, so closing the terminal window would have no effect on the application being run. Adding the >/dev/null to the command prevents the creation of a nohup.out in each directory the application is being run from.

From the man page:

       nohup - run a command immune to hangups, with output to a non-tty

       nohup COMMAND [ARG]...
       nohup OPTION


$ disown --help
disown: disown [-h] [-ar] [jobspec ... | pid ...]
    Remove jobs from current shell.
    Removes each JOBSPEC argument from the table of active jobs.  Without
    any JOBSPECs, the shell uses its notion of the current job.
      -a    remove all jobs if JOBSPEC is not supplied
      -h    mark each JOBSPEC so that SIGHUP is not sent to the job if the
            shell receives a SIGHUP
      -r    remove only running jobs
    Exit Status:
    Returns success unless an invalid option or JOBSPEC is given.