Ubuntu – How to integrate gnome-online-accounts


There is a new feature called gnome-online-accounts, which has been introduced in Gnome3 , but its still not integrated into Ubuntu 11.10.
Does anyone know how to get this working?

Best Answer

I've been looking at this from the perspective of adding support for this in some GNOME Do plugins. gnome-online-accounts is basically a single-sign-on API. It provides a way for applications to get an authentication cookie for the configured online accounts. It does not provide anything else; it's up to the application to know how to use that cookie to talk to the online service.

As such, it's entirely dependent on the applications to (a) query gnome-online-accounts for configured online services, and (b) actually know how to interact with those online services.

You can think of it as basically gnome-keyring for your online services. It has been integrated into Ubuntu 11.10, in so much as the GNOME apps which support g-o-a will use it; there just aren't many apps that use it yet ☺.