Chromium – How to Install Windows Media Player Plugin


There is a website that streams local TV and it requires windows media player plugin. I have LUbuntu freshly installed, but it simply says "Missing Plug-in". It doesn't say anything about what packages I need to install. What's the right package/s to install?

Best Answer

Ok I've got it working now. I have removed the packages from Medibuntu PPA (since I don't require its packages yet) and installed these packages:

These are taken from the package list from my previous Ubuntu (thanks to dv3500ea for the clues). I am not sure if there are any packages that are safe to remove. I forgot the forum thread in which I followed the guide. I also have VLC plugin (mozilla-plugin-vlc) installed but it's not necessary to play the video. I still have it enabled and the video is playing.

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