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I am trying to install utorrent instead of using the torrent apps and I just came off windows seven can someone help me?

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This brief tutorial shows you how to install and use uTorrent in Ubuntu 11.10.

cd Downloads

wget http://download.utorrent.com/linux/utorrent-server-3.0-25053.tar.gz

Next, run the commands below to extract uTorrent files to the /opt directory.

sudo tar xvzf utorrent-server-3.0-25053.tar.gz -C /opt/

Then run the commands below to change the permission on uTorrent-server folder.

sudo chmod -R 777 /opt/utorrent-server-v3_0/

Next, run the commands below to link uTorrent server to the /user/bin directory.

sudo ln -s /opt/utorrent-server-v3_0/utserver /usr/bin/utserver

Finally, run the commands below to start uTorrent.

utserver -settingspath /opt/utorrent-server-v3_0/

If you get an error about libssl.so package missing, run the commands below to install it, then try starting it again.

sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.8:i386

Now that uTorrent server is started, open your web browser (Firefox) and type the address below.


The username is admin and leave the password field empty. enter image description here

The first thing you will want to do is specify the download folder. To do that, click ‘Settings’ button.

enter image description here Then scroll down to ‘Directories’ and specify the download folder. enter image description here

This is been verified & checked . Working properly

enter image description here

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