Ubuntu – How to install Ubuntu with some broken keys on the keyboard


I'm attempting to install Ubuntu 12.10 onto my older laptop. I power up the computer, pressing F12 to load the boot menu. It offers me to load from the hard drive and from my USB, but my and Tab both don't work at that point (hardware issue).

What would be a workaround for me in this situation? Is there a way I can change the functions called on the keys for example?

Best Answer

Just get an external keyboard and use that for the installation.

At the setup screen (boot menu) or even at the installation selection screen, no kernel is alive yet, so you have nothing to fiddle with. (read: no options, no workaround for your current hardware faults)

After installation, you can get rid of that external keyboard after you've remapped keys on your laptop's keyboard. That is a very common other question:

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