Ubuntu – How to install Ubuntu sdk on ubuntu touch


I bought a BQ M10 Ubuntu Edition. I want to use that device also as notebook and i want to develop ubuntu apps with the device.

The problem is, that there is not ubuntu sdk IDE program installed on it.

Is there a way to install the ubuntu sdk IDE on the device and if yes, how do i do that?

Here is what i found out so far:
There is a script, that seems to install legacy programs on ubuntu touch.
It seems to be from a member of canonical: Script to install legacy programs on ubuntu touch.
I tried it several times on the bq M10 but it ended up with errors all the time.

Best Answer

Sadly I do not know the full solution to this as some packages seem to be broken (at least when using a xenial container). However, one part of the problem is that the Ubuntu SDK is not in the main/universe repos, but in a ppa, so it is necessary to add the ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa personal package archive to the apt sources ofthe container. This has to be done between the creation of the container and the installation of the package, so the line has to be inserted into the script. The command to add the ppa should be

libertine-container-manager create -i $NAME -a ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa

Afterwards in my case apparmor failed at the configuration, so multiple packages remained unconfigured. I could fix it with a mkdir call in the SDK still complained about a missing mir plug in.

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