Ubuntu – How to install Ubuntu as the single OS on a MacBook


How do I install Ubuntu as the only OS on a MacBook?

That is, I'd like to completely remove Mac OS X and install Ubuntu. I've tried dual-booting, but I've had so much trouble that I prefer to have only Ubuntu installed.

Best Answer

  • Insert the Ubuntu LiveCD into your Mac and Shutdown. Restart the Mac and hold the Option Key. When prompted select 'Try Ubuntu' .

  • Once the system is booted run Disk Utility from the dash .

  • Select your hard disk and click on Format Disk .

    enter image description here

  • Now select 'No Partition' . enter image description here

  • Now install Ubuntu normally .

To Avoid long EFI wait before GRUB
If your Macbook spends 30 seconds with "white screen" before GRUB shows, try booting from your Mac OS X install disc, select language, then click Utilities- Terminal, and enter:

bless --device /dev/disk0s1 --setBoot --legacy

Assuming that the bootloader is on sda1, otherwise /dev/disk0s2 if it's on sda2, etc.

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