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I own HP J110TX Laptop running Windows 8 on it. I want to install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS along side windows. I have downloaded ubuntu-14.04-desktop-i386 iso. I tried creating bootable USB drive through different softwares available online. It succeeds till here, but when I try to boot from USB it fails. It directly boots to Windows.

I have changed by boot order and given priority to USB. But still it fails..Dunno where its going wrong..

Kindly see the attached image of boot options.

enter image description here

Thanx for the reply..I tried both the methods but cudnt succeed. I am really not sure where it going wrong..I also disabled fastboot but problem persists.

I dont think anything is wrong with the iso coz Universal USB installed did check for its integrity before making it bootable..

What could be the problem?

Best Answer

Install the Linux Live USB Creator from http://linuxliveusb.com/. Open the application and click the "Download" button from the second box and select "Ubuntu 14.04 KDE" (64 or 32 bit depending on what you want.) from the drop down menu. Pop in a USB and follow the steps. Be sure to check the "Format Key" Check box. It can't boot with other files on the Key. Click the "Install" button. Boot your laptop and press F9. It should say "F9... Change Boot Order" When it boots into the menu, select the USB from the menu and press enter. This should work. Your ISO may have been bad.

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