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I have been using the default Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity for some time now and decided to start customizing it.

I have already been able to make some changes with the gnome-tweak-tool. However, there are many themes that I get from gnome-look.org that don't appear in the gnome-tweak-tool even after putting them in the /usr/share/themes folder.

Any idea why this is happening? Thanks.

Best Answer

How to install themes in Ubuntu:

When you download a theme for Ubuntu this come compressed into a .tar.gz file almost always. What you have to do is:

  1. Run the terminal Ctrl+Alt+T
  2. Enter cd ~ && mkdir .themes
    This command will create a .themes folder in your personal folder. The dot is necessary
  3. Enter cp files_path ~/.themes
    Replace files_path with the directory where are your zipped files. This command copy the compressed files into this folder.
  4. Enter cd ~/.themes && tar xvzf PACKAGENAME.tar.gz
    Replace PACKAGENAME with the name of the file. This command will unzip the theme file into the new folder.
  5. Enter gnome-tweak-tool

Finally will appears the tweak window (similar as the following) and you'll see the themes that you've previously copy in the themes folder and will be able to choice them!


For future themes, omit the second step

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