Ubuntu – How to install the MPEG-4 AAC decoder and the H.264 decoder


Where do I get the MPEG-4 AAC decoder, and the H.264 decoder.

How to install them and play the multimedia?

Best Answer

ubuntu-restricted-extras package allows users to install ability to play popular non-free media formats, including DVD, MP3, Quicktime, and Windows Media formats.

To install ubuntu-restricted-extras package:

  1. Open a terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T.

  2. Run this command:

     sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras
  3. Alternatively, you can install the package via Software Center by launching it via Dash and searching the package and clicking on Install.

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Also, try installing libavcodec54 libav-tools and ffmpeg with this command:

sudo apt-get install libavcodec54 libav-tools ffmpeg

EDIT: Ubuntu 20.04

In Ubuntu 20.04, you want libavcodec58 instead of 54:

sudo apt-get install libavcodec58 libav-tools ffmpeg