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15.04mokshasoftware installation

I have Xubuntu 15.04 running through VirtualBox and in an effort to minimize the resources it uses further I was considering switching to Bodhi Linux's Moksha window manager. I have tried adding the Bodhi repo (deb http://packages.bodhilinux.com/bodhi trusty main) to my /etc/apt/sources.list file but as Bodhi is based on LTS releases of Ubuntu I encountered some issues with attempting to install Moksha this way. So instead I cloned the Moksha GitHub repository and checked-out the latest release (0.1.0) with:

git clone https://github.com/JeffHoogland/moksha
git fetch -p
git checkout 0.1.0
git remote add upstream https://github.com/JeffHoogland/moksha

With the last line really just serving to make it easier for me to update this repo when newer releases become available. I then ran sudo apt-get build-dep e17 as I know that Moksha is forked from Enlightenment 17 and hence its dependencies are similar. After this I proceeded to compile and install Moksha from this source code by following the instructions in the INSTALL file, namely:

sudo make install

I received no error messages from this at all and everything, from my point of view, ran smoothly. Then I rebooted with sudo reboot, so I could try out Moksha but at the lightdm login screen no Moksha option appeared in the list of available session types.

In attempting to follow Muru's suggestions in the comments I copy-pasted $MOKSHA_BUILD_PATH/data/xsession/enlightenment.desktop to /usr/share/xsessions/moksha.desktop (with sudo mv) and I then rebooted and logged in using the Moksha session option that appeared but I was left with a black screen. I then switched to tty1 using Ctrl+Alt+F1 and logged in and ran /usr/local/bin/enlightenment_start (which should have started Mokshra) and I received an error message (which I can't copy here as tty1 doesn't allow me to use clipboard in it). Is there a way I could get this error message while running a Xfce session (as then I could copy-paste it here)? I have tried running /usr/local/bin/enlightenment_start while in Xfce but the error it gave was complaining that another window manager was active and because of this it could not launch.

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