Ubuntu – How to install Texmaker 4.0.1 (released a few days ago)


I'm new to LaTeX, but want to get started for real; settled for Texmaker; now checked the version (and changelog) and noticed a discrepancy between what I've got installed (3.4) and what's been released (4.0.1) — just a few days ago.

I found an outdated ppa, but nothing else so far. So far, I've either installed things through Ubuntu or via a ppa; but hardly ever downloaded from a dev website, let alone compiled stuff from source. So my question(s):

  1. Anyone know of a ppa or ubuntu-official way of upgrading to the latest release of Texmaker ?
  2. Any reasons I should not go ahead and simply download Ubuntu 12.04 i386 package : texmaker_ubuntu_12.04_4.0.1_i386.deb (Qt4) ?

I'm sure this has (generically) been asked before, plz mark as duplicate (if deemed so), or provide a link to a good discussion/explanation on "what to do a with a deb-file"… i.e.,

  • how does it differ from directly installing sth through ubuntu-software-center;
  • what needs to be considered / taken care of / maintained;
  • why should one (generally) avoid a "manual" deb-installation (especially if one does trust the source)?

Many thanks!

Best Answer

The software center didn't have the latest texmaker as 4 days ago when I installed. I downloaded and installed the amd64 version. I installed it by downloading it off texmaker's website and following the instructions for Linux; that is, remove all previous version and install.

  1. Download the most recent version (be sure to choose the correct version for your system: 32 or 64 bit): http://www.xm1math.net/texmaker/download.html
  2. Open a terminal (ctrl+shift+t) and enter sudo apt-get purge texmaker to remove previously installed version
  3. Assuming the new version you just downloaded is in the Downloads folder, issue the following command in a terminal: sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/texmaker_ubuntu_*.deb
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