Ubuntu – How to install Robomongo on Ubuntu


I am using MongoDB and I want to install Robomongo on Ubuntu.

Are there any instructions on how I can I install Robomongo on my machine?

Best Answer

Follow these simple steps.

  • Download the robomongo: https://robomongo.org/download
  • Extract the .tar.gz downloaded from above
  • Change directory to extracted folder.
  • You'll find a bin folder. Go in there, then double click on robomongo.

Anytime you'll wanna run robomongo, you will have to do something like this from terminal:


You might wanna add a link to robomongo from your /usr/bin which will allow you to do something like this anywhere from terminal:

for that

  • navigate to robomongo_dir/bin
  • right click on robomongo executable file and click on Make Link, Link to robomongo executable file will be created there
  • rename Link to robomongo to your wish ( let say robo_)
  • move this link to /usr/bin directory with below command on terminal

    sudo mv /robomongo_dir/bin/robo_ /usr/bin

Now you can run robomongo from terminal OR from run command (Alt+ F2) by typing robo_

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