Ubuntu – How to install missing manpages in a chroot running in Ubuntu Touch

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I am on the new Ubuntu tablet from bq, in a terminal, running in a chroot jail.

I have installed man-db, manpages, manpages-dev, and even ubuntu-docs.

But while man man works, or man gpp or other things I installed manually, basic manpages are missing and undocumented. man less doesn't work, nor man ls or man apt-get.

How do I get these installed as well?

Best Answer

The man pages and man tool simply need be installed, and you need to be running the command within the chroot after doing sudo chroot . inside its root directory.

If man pages aren't working, then likely there is some other underlying issue, such as the files have somehow been removed from disk. I just tested here on my Nexus 4, and man ls in the chroot works just fine.

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