Ubuntu – How to install Keil µVision on Ubuntu 18.04

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I want to install Keil µVision on Ubuntu 18.04. How can I do that?

I would like to use Keil µVision for my laboratory microcontrollers and embedded systems.

Best Answer

This is working for me.

  1. Download PlayOnLinux.

  2. Download Keil software for Windows from their official website.

  3. Open PlayOnLinux and install Keil µVision using install a non-listed program and choose the Keil executable file. After the installation open Keil µVision.

After that I have experienced two issues:

  1. Could not open file.

    Error 56 can't open the file

    That was solved by rebuilding the project. Check the directory and rebuild the project.

  2. Some issues with memory mapping.

    *** Error 65: Access violation at 0x00000004 : No 'write' permission

    To solve this problem I created MAP.ini and placed this code inside MAP.ini saved in /home/usr/Desktop. Then in Keil go to project options: Ctrl+F7 → Debug → Select the initialization file MAP.ini by browsing to the specific folder. Put the code in MAP.ini without "": "MAP C:0x0000, C:0xFFFF read write exec"

Keil Setup for MAP.ini File

Keil Screenshot1

Keil screenshot2

NOTE:Make sure your .asm or any other file including MAP.ini has permission read/write for other,group and owner

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