Ubuntu – How to install KDE and retain LightDM as a login manager


I want to install KDE in my Ubuntu 12.04 .

I am using LightDM. So how can I fully install KDE? I do not want to remove LightDM.

I want KDE but without any confliction with it.

Best Answer

Display managers

There can be multiple display managers installed. You can then pick/change the default dm by running the dpkg-reconfigure.

man dpkg-reconfigure

       dpkg-reconfigure - reconfigure an already installed package

        dpkg-reconfigure [options] packages

       dpkg-reconfigure reconfigures packages after they have already been installed. Pass it the names of a
       package or packages to reconfigure. It will ask configuration questions, much like when the package
       was first installed.

       If you just want to see the current configuration of a package, see debconf-show(1) instead.

Changing dm (kdm/gdm/lightdm)

sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm

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There is also: http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/lightdm-kde-greeter

Package: lightdm-kde-greeter

LightDM KDE greeter

LightDM KDE developer's blog

David Edmundson's Web Log: http://www.sharpley.org.uk/

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KDE and LightDM revisited: http://www.sharpley.org.uk/node/26

An Update on LightDM KDE: http://www.sharpley.org.uk/blog/an-update-on-lightdm-kde

Google Two-Step Authentication On Your Desktop: http://www.sharpley.org.uk/lightdm-google-authentication

The plan for LightDM-0.2: http://www.sharpley.org.uk/blog/whats_coming_lightdm_02