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I've tried to install Gerix-Wifi-Cracker on Ubuntu 13.10, but it was unsuccessful. Does anyone know how to install it?

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First run this in your terminal to ensure you have all dependencies in place:

sudo apt-get install python-dev qt4-designer

or sudo apt-get install qt3*

Then run these commands:

cd /home
wget http://www.clshack.it/nopaste/gerix-wifi-cracker-ng-2.0-bt7.deb

Then this one:

sudo apt-get install dpkg-dev # Installs tools to rebuild the debian package
mkdir /tmp/deb$$
cp /home/gerix-wifi-cracker-ng-2.0-bt7.deb /tmp/deb$$
dpkg-deb -x gerix-wifi-cracker-ng-2.0-bt7.deb deb # Extracts filesystem data
cd deb
dpkg-deb -e ../gerix-wifi-cracker-ng-2.0-bt7.deb # Extracts metadata

Then download this file svn.sh, put it in /tmp/deb(random numbers, probably 4 of them) and rename it to svn.sh

Lastly run this code in the terminal:

chmod +x ../svn.sh
../svn.sh .
cd ..
sudo dpkg-deb -b deb

You can then install it using:

sudo dpkg -i deb.deb

If it fails you could try to use aptitude instead of apt-get.

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