Ubuntu – How to install Enlightenment (E17)


Has anybody tried E17 on Ubuntu, as an alternative to Gnome/KDE? How does one install it?

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The best way to install E17 is to install it from the official repositories. You can install it from the Software Center or using

sudo apt-get install e17

You can then select it as your session in GDM (the login screen) using the dropdown menu in the bottom right hand corner, once you have selected your user.

alt text (image source)

The first time you run it it asks you to choose some preferences. Choose the option for the standard desktop or the netbook desktop if you are on a netbook.

It is quite interesting in a retro kind of way and will take a lot of getting used to if you are used to GNOME (or KDE) and I find it harder to use than GNOME and it doesn't look as nice. However it is certainly functional and seems quite suited to power users.

alt text

Note Pingus has no window border because I pinned it to the desktop (an action which is apparently irreversible).

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