Ubuntu – How to install bios updates in Zesty (on a Dell laptop)


"Software" shows me the following:


It offers Install buttons. Click one briefly makes it change, but I can't read what it says because it then disappears quickly. Then a moment later the screen comes back exactly as it was in the first instance and this screenshot.

What does that mean? Can I use "Software" to install BIOS updates? Am I doing the wrong thing? Is it just broken?


PS. Running Ubuntu Gnome 17.04 on Dell XPS15 9550. UEFI boot.

EDIT: Dell thinks it should work from within Ubuntu…

1. Flashing a Dell BIOS in a Linux Only Environment

As Linux and Ubuntu distributions are becoming more and more popular on Dell systems, there are more situations where a Linux only environment is present.
UEFI Capsule updates

If your system is listed at https://secure-lvfs.rhcloud.com/lvfs/devicelist External Link then it supports UEFI capsule updates and can be updated natively within the OS.

Ubuntu 16.04 and later natively will notify you for BIOS updates. The system will regularly check for BIOS updates automatically. When an update is available, a popup will be displayed to flash the update.

source. Nb. my system is listed in the device list page.

EDIT 2: manually achieved "System" update.

Thanks to @Rinzwind's answer, I manually downloaded the BIOS update from Dell, stuck it at /boot/efi (need to do that with sudo) and had the Dell install it from the F12 options. Now "Software" only lists the TPM update, which again will not install. Also there's no download for that listed on Dell's site. So I'm not sure what to do about that.

Best Answer

Am I doing the wrong thing?

Yes, I think so. There is a page dedicated to BIOS updates and it says about Dell this:

If you are using UEFI and your F12 boot options include "Flash BIOS upgrade", one may download the BIOS upgrade .exe from Dell's website, and put it to your /boot/EFI/ folder. Reboot and select "Flash BIOS upgrade" option. In the dialog select the .exe file you have just downloaded and continue with the process.

For more on Dell specific procedures, please see here.

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