Ubuntu – How to install and use Apache


I have downloaded ubuntu Desktop. I want to create a web server to host Test Web Sites to show my potential clients. Any suggestions, tips, or good direction for me? My plan is to download Apache and just work through it. I would greatly appreciate anything that would help me get up and running.

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  1. First we need to install Apache 2. Either via a terminal or via the software center.

    • Go to the software center. Search for Apache 2 and then install it.
    • Type sudo apt-get install apache2 in a terminal.
    • Reboot with sudo reboot
  2. Look in /var/www/ place all of your html/css etc, files here.

  3. Open a web-browser and go to http://localhost/FileName

If you need more information about web server, ssh, or webdesign try these links:

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