Ubuntu – How to install additional Gimp fonts


I want to install more text fonts on Gimp. Currently I have only the default fonts.

Where can I download and install them?

I am on Ubuntu 13.04, using gnome – lastest version.

Best Answer

All you need to do is: add the fonts that you want to Ubuntu, and then you can use them in Gimp.

Download the font(s) that you like, and once downloaded, you can double click on the font file, and that will open Font Viewer, just click on install, and you're done. Take a look at Dafont for a great selection of fonts.

enter image description here

To download, just click on the download button.

enter image description here

Once you click download you will see the image below, just click OK.

enter image description here

Double click the font, and that will open the Font viewer, as shown above, just click on Install.

enter image description here

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