Ubuntu – How to i skip bad sector on the hard Drive

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I have one external hard drive which i plug to my linux machine.
It causes read and write operation problems.

  1. When i check it with fdisk -l it wait for information to display for while.
    After few minute it got display.
  2. i had use badblocks command for checking bad sector on disk.
    After around 1:30 min it gives total 1040+ bad sector location.

So is there any way to skip this location and use remaining memory ??? Or fixing this problem. whether i need to change it.

Best Answer

Bad Sectors on hard drive can not be recovered or ignored. i have seen such questions So please have a look at these -

Question 1

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Question 3

The Only thing you can do is Get a new Hard Drive as in future fortunately you may loose your important data saved in that.

Precautions are better than Cure.