Ubuntu – How to have both libcurl3 and libcurl4 installed at same time

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My favorite web brower depends on libcurl3 (Opera 36.0) But many apps depends on libcurl4 including PlayOnLinux or Steam client. It will be nice to have PlayOnLinux or Steam installed but I'm not giving up my favorite web browser. Do someone knows workaround how I can have installed both of them ? I readed somewhere that libcurl4 is based on libcurl3 so I have no idea why they keep uninstalling each other.

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Eventually, I found better, universal solution for this. A guy on internet created CURL version which supports both CURL3 and CURL4. Available via. PPA. So far it works good. Unfortunately, I'm sure this version of CURL is not well known despite it solves problem which is very common to all Ubuntu users. So, I have to ask to share this knowledge in any form you like or prefer


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