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I'm just getting my feet wet with snap. I've installed vlc and want to try to use it. All my media is installed under /store, an NFS mount. And snaps don't allow access to that directory.

After googling I've come to understand that I can access files under /home/peter for the :home interface and /media for the :removable-media interfaces.

But I actually like /store and don't want to change that to be /media/store or /home/peter/store or anything else than /store.

Is there a way to get snap to allow my snaps (or perhaps just vlc) access to /store, so snap conforms to my naming conventions or am I forced to convert to snap's preferences?

That seems very inflexible, and I'm hoping there's something I've missed.

Best Answer

To my astonishment, it really looks like /home is hardcoded. mount-support.c contains:

    const struct sc_mount mounts[] = {
        {"/dev"},   // because it contains devices on host OS
        {"/etc"},   // because that's where /etc/resolv.conf lives, perhaps a bad idea
        {"/home"},  // to support /home/*/snap and home interface

Wow. That astonishes me. But there you have it.

Edit: See also Launchpad issue 1643706

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