Ubuntu – How to give other drives and partitions short, meaningful names in nautilus


In nautilus and Unity the external drive has a nice short descriptive name "mcat", but all partitions on the 4 internal drives are displayed as a size (834 GB filesystem) or a huge 32-character string form of a GUID:

I'm guessing the external drive is nice, short, sweet and readable because that drive may have no partitions (well, just one I guess) and that name may be the drive label, whereas partitions usually don't have names. That may explain my problem, but doesn't solve it.

Is there some way to give reasonable names to these partitions in nautilus and Unity?

Best Answer

Open disk-utility from your Unity dash and click at your Harddisk .then click at the partition where you want a label then click Edit File System Label and give your New Label .enter image description here

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