Ubuntu – How to give feedback to an immutable page at wiki.ubuntu.com


I want to give feedback to this page since I am missing something.


I have a login for this site, but since the page is immutable, I can't change it.

How can I give feedback if I am missing something an a wiki.ubuntu.com page?

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EDIT: Ever since the bad people with bad intentions wreaking havoc on the wiki pages daily incidents of June 2016, the original answer here has been obsolete.

This is a the main ubuntu wiki reference, where in addition to a launchpad account, also membership in the Ubuntu Wiki Editors team is also required.

DO NOT submit a bug report to the Ubuntu-Docs project about immutable wiki pages. It will get set to "INVALID" status.

Original Answer:

That is odd, the page is not immutable for me. For immutable pages you can file a bug report on Lauchpad under the ubuntu-docs project. However, note that if the page is not actually immutable the bug report will be set to invalid.

Note also that there is often confusion about the login requirements and people often think a page is immutable when it is not. This page should help.