Ubuntu – How to get wireless Wake-on-Lan work with an Intel 5100 AGN


How can I make a wireless wol with Intel PRO/Wireless 5100 AGN from a hp laptop ?

Best Answer

Actually the other answer is quite old and not up to date.

Please use the iw tool.

To check whether it's supported: iw phy0 info

Check the status: iw phy0 wowlan show.

Activate several options: sudo iw phy0 wowlan enable magic-packet disconnect.

The kernel wiki has some information as well. If wake on wlan does not work from suspend mode try freeze mode: Close all applications, then sync && echo freeze | sudo tee /sys/power/state. This is not as low power, but less than a running system and nice to test whether the magic packets at get there and the driver interprets them.