Ubuntu – How to get Thunderbird Contacts to sync with Ubuntu One


In the setup instructions for Ubuntu One with Thunderbird it reads:

Click on the checkbox next to "Directory Server" and select "Ubuntu One" from the pull down menu

Well, there is no Directory Server for U1 listed in my 11.10 install, what's missing? Does Thunderbird need re-installing? Or is it a U1 problem?

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Starting with Ubuntu 11.10, the default email application is Thunderbird. Ubuntu One contacts sync has integration with Thunderbird in Ubuntu 11.10.

The following instructions explain how to setup contacts sync in Ubuntu 11.10 with Thunderbird and use Ubuntu One contacts in Thunderbird.

Setup contacts sync

  1. Open the Ubuntu One Control Panel
  2. Click on the services tab
  3. Click the "Install now" button
  4. Enter your Ubuntu password when prompted
  5. Click the "Install now" button under the "Enable Contacts Sync" section

Copy contacts to Ubuntu One from Thunderbird

  1. Open Thunderbird

  2. Click on the "Address Book" button

  3. Click on the "Personal Address Book"

  4. Select all the contacts you want to copy

  5. While holding the "Ctrl" key, move the contacts from the "Personal Address Book" onto the "Ubuntu One" address book

Auto-complete email address from the Ubuntu One address book

  1. Open Thunderbird

  2. Click the "Edit" menu and select "Preferences"

  3. Click on the "Composition" icon

  4. Click on the "Addressing" tab

  5. Click on the checkbox next to "Directory Server" and select "Ubuntu One" from the pull down menu

  6. Click the "Close" button



I must admit I couldn't get it to work myself but after a bit of digging around I found that CouchDB address book intergration is not compatible with Thunderbird 9.0, unfortunately that's why you get no option to select Ubuntu One as a directory server - it relies on CouchDB!!

See below screenshot

enter image description here