Ubuntu – How to get the USB keyboard to not freeze up in the recovery menu?


I am using Ubuntu 11.10, and whenever I enter the recovery menu, my keyboard freezes and I can't make any selections. I have tried using GRUB_PRELOAD_MODULES="usb usb_keyboard" but this doesn't help at all.
The keyboard works in the BIOS screen and in Grub (i can select an OS, write to the command line, etc.) but as soon as i get to the recovery menu it stops working. If i had the numlock on it will stay lit and i cannot turn it off, if that helps

Best Answer

I had the same issue and finally got it resolved. I had to unplug all my usb devices besides the keyboard (maybe there was just one that caused the issue, but I didn't want to try all possibilities). I also had to add 'acpi=off nohz=off' to my boot line in grub (hit 'e' in grub while the recovery mode is selected to change the boot line).

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