Multiple Monitors – How to Get the Ubuntu Dock Off the Secondary Monitor


I updated to Ubuntu 18.04 a few weeks ago with little to no problems until now. After an update I installed and a reboot, my sidebar (Ubuntu dock) shows on the secondary screen, which is my Laptop, while my HDMI monitor is saved as the primary and has the top bar with time, battery and so on.

How can I get the sidebar back to my primary screen?

Best Answer

CLI method:

You can disable the multiple monitors option for the dock by running the following command in Terminal:

gsettings set multi-monitor false

Then you can set your preferred monitor by running

gsettings set preferred-monitor <monitor-number>

(Put -1 in place of <monitor-number> for the primary monitor)

GUI method:

See the answer by singrium and the answer by Dan Dascalescu.
(GUI method may not work in special cases)

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