Ubuntu – How to get the full MATE desktop after installing Ubuntu? mate-desktop-environment isn’t complete

matesoftware installation

I've installed Ubuntu 15.04, and somewhere I read that I can install 'Mate desktop environment' on top of Ubuntu 15.04, but, this does not look like how I have anticipated, this Mate does not has the Mate tweaks which I was looking forward to. From my understanding, i've done completely different.

If I've understood it all wrong, what is the easy way to get the Ubuntu Mate 15.04 which I was talking about?


  1. I've installed Ubuntu 15.04
  2. Installed ubuntu mate using:

    sudo apt-get install mate-desktop-environment

This installed Mate on the ubuntu.

Best Answer

The easiest way to get Ubuntu Mate the way you were talking about would probably just download it from https://ubuntu-mate.org/ and install it.