Ubuntu – How to get Mac style title bar buttons on Ubuntu gnome without changing rest of the theme


I have installed arc theme on Ubuntu gnome and I am loving it, but I have one more wish that is to change the close, minimize, maximize buttons' style to that of the Mac OS X Yosemite.

Like this: https://sixcolors.com/images/content/title-bar-edge.jpg

I want retain the rest of the theme and only change the title bar buttons.

Please do tell if there is a gnome extension to do so. Or is there a work around?

Thanks in advance..

Best Answer

First you will need to find a theme with the buttons you want and install that theme.

You can find many OS X themes at gnome-look, search gtk3 theme in the type and osx in the description, though I will recommend you, based on your question, this nice flat Yosemite theme (Developers screenshot).

enter image description here

This should look really nice with the Arc theme, in my opinion.

Next install

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

When it is finished start this app from the launcher or


Browse to the Appearance section and you will see this

enter image description here

Change the window theme to change your window declarations and gtk3 for the rest of the theme.

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