GRUB – How to Get Info on Current GRUB/Boot Configuration


First some background: I have dual-boot Windows 7 / Ubuntu 13.04 on Lenovo laptop. As I did the installation about 1.5 years ago and was then even more un-savvy linux user than I am now, I can't recall everything I did to get both OSes up and running. However, I do remember that it was quite troublesome procedure (running boot-repair at least once).

Now I'm considering trying another linux distro in addition to Ubuntu (most likely Arch), and this time I'd like to do it in a way that I have an idea what I'm doing (and possibly learn more about 'inner workings' of linux distros).

So that's enough for the background. Now my question is: How do I get information on what is my current grub / boot-loader configuration?

This seems to be first and quite separate issue to consider before even dreaming about installing a third OS and more advanced messing with partitions and boot.

Best Answer

Use the BootInfoScript

Check out the README if you have prblems running it.

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