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I've seen videos like this one in which a effect appears when the user made a click. What I want it's just the effect only, I don't care the colour of the cursor.

How can I make this effect when I do a click in Ubuntu 11.10?

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As indicated in this very similar question, your best option appears to be using keymon; it is fairly easy to customize it for an effect similar to what you see in your video.

1. Install keymon

From the Software Center, or via sudo apt-get install key-mon

2. Make its window minimal and enable the click indicator

  • The default window shows mouse and keyboard status, like:

    enter image description here

  • Unless you want it, let's get rid of all these; right-click on it window, and chose Settings:. Then, uncheck everything under Buttons:

    enter image description here

  • and set up the Misc tab as:

    enter image description here

  • This leaves you with a minimal status window:

enter image description here

  • And the default click-indicator, which you don't like very much :)

    enter image description here

3. Customizing the mouse-click indicator and making the KeyMon window disappear

  • First, let's make the keymon window disappear. Simply run it from the terminal (you can set up a launcher, script or startup too) as:

    key-mon --scale=0.1
  • Next, the files we need to modify are in /usr/shared/pyshared/keymon, so cd to that folder.

  • Make the click-indicator bolder: in, find win.set_opacity(0.5) around line 58 and change the 0.5 to 1.0

  • Increase the fade-out time: at the end of, find gobject.timeout_add(200, self.hide) and change the 200 to e.g. 750 (it's in milliseconds)

  • Change the indicator: The indicators are simply SVG files, under themes/*/mouse-indicator.svg; you can edit these with Inkscape, etc. to customize it to whatever you want to be.

    • To get you started, I've created a red square like the one in your video. To "install it", just make sure keymon is not running, and download it this way (SVGs are just text files):
    sudo wget -O/usr/share/pyshared/keymon/themes/classic/mouse-indicator.svg
  • Now start keymon, and you'll see a nice red fading-out indicator like the one in your video around the cursor whenever you click/drag:

    enter image description here

Youtube Video Demo

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