Ubuntu – How to get a normal application menu in the top- or titlebar in Gnome


I am very sorry to see Unity disappear – for me it is the best Linux desktop interface.

I am now trying if Gnome is workable for me. One thing I hate about gnome is that it does not show the application menu in either the top- or the title bar.

Please note that I am talking about the dropdown menu applications have in their window, not a menu to pick applications from.

Gnome shows just a single drop down, adding an extra level to the menu structure and ruining the overview. For applications Like the Gimp or Blender, this is killing.

So how do I get that menu back in my top bar?

Best Answer

I guess Gnome Global Menu Extension is what you're looking for.

It was a work in progress back in April (see OMG Ubuntu), some applications would work, but there were problems with others (like Blender). Don't know what's the current state, but if you feel like giving it a try, detailed install instructions are to be find in GitHub.

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