Gmail Notifications – Get Unread Count in Messaging Menu


Back in Ubuntu 12.04, installing the gm-notify application allowed did these things:

  • Shoe me the number of unread messages in my inbox
  • Show me a blue envelope when an email was received
  • Show me a notification when an email was received

I have done a fresh install of Ubuntu 13.04 and installed and configured gm-notify, and it only shows me a notification. The messaging menu no longer has an inbox count and no longer turns blue.

What can I do to restore the old behavior and get blue icons as well as an inbox count in the system tray?

If there's a bug in gm-notify or in Ubuntu 13.04, is there an alternative to accomplish this?

Please note – I am aware of the Gmail Unity Webapp but that requires the browser to remain open and is overall too problematic, and I would like to find out how to restore the blue envelope + message count functionality.

Best Answer

Lots of mail-notifiers (Popper, GmailWatcher, Gmail-Notify) stopped working from 12.10 because of change in messaging-menu api. You can always file a bug on their respective launchpad page.

However there are few which works with new api ( Unity-Mail, Thunderbird, Evolution).

Unity Mail Install unity-mail


With Unity Mail we can handle multiple gmail accounts. You will get an OSD notification whenever you receive a new mail showing the sender, and the subject of a mail.

enter image description here

In addition it adds a launcher icon to display the count of unread messages, integrates with the mail indicator to turn it blue, and displays a list of mails in the drop down menu there.

enter image description here

PPA: ppa:mitya57/ppa

Install via the software center

Source: askubuntu