Ubuntu – How to forward sound from one computer to another over the Lan


I have two computers. Computer A is running Ubuntu 11.10 with Gnome Clasic. Computer B is running Mythbuntu 11.10. Computer B has a sweet digital audio sound system.

I want to play music from Banshee on Computer A, but have the sound output sent over the LAN and come out on computer B's speakers.

I found this question which indicated I should use something called "paprefs" to acheive this. So, I installed paprefs and then in the "Network Server" dialog, I selected these settings:


And then… I have no idea what is supposed to happen. I checked the paprefs home page, and all they say under Documentation is "There is not much to say. Just run paprefs and see for yourself."

I don't see anything happening or any way I'm supposed to make the connection from Computer A to Computer B.

How is this supposed to work? Can someone provide clear instructions on what one does to actually make the connection?

Ideally, the hope is that I can have a set up that allows me to always play certain applications, like Banshee, over the LAN using Computer B's sound system. In other words, once set up, it is the default, and does not have to be manually reconnected every time.

Best Answer

The least complicated method to send audio from one Pulse Audio server to another over the LAN is to use the RTP/Multicast feature that you are able to set up using paprefs Install paprefs.

On the sender:

paprefs screenshot showing "enable multicast/rtp sender" checked and "send audio from local speakers" selected

Choose your local soundcard or choose a separate device you can select as audio output from Audio Preferences.

On the receiver:

paprefs screenshot showing "enable multicast/rtp receiver" checked

By doing so audio will be sent from the sender to the receiver via your LAN.

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