Ubuntu – How to format Ubunutu 14.04 from laptop


I only have Ubuntu os in my laptop, I want to format it and reinstall it in my Laptop. I made a bootable pd of the os, an i am using a asus laptop but the bootable window wont open. I need help!

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Try to press these Boot Menu keys rapidly on booting.

[F2] for BIOS, [ESC] for boot menu (ASUS P53E)

Also please connect your bootable usb to USB 2.0 port

enter image description here

  • Boot examples from my computer:

Legacy Boot:

Motherboard boot menu

Ubuntu boot screen

UEFI Boot:

Motherboard boot menu

Ubuntu boot screen

I have created bootable usb from this image on Windows (How to):

enter image description here

MD5(ubuntu-14.04-desktop-amd64.iso)= dccff28314d9ae4ed262cfc6f35e5153

Could be the solution: I think you are making a legacy boot. Make sure your hard disk(or ssd) listed in boot menu immediately after your USB drive.

  • In addition, use USB 2.0 port not USB 3.0
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