Ubuntu – How to format/partition new hdd for Windows


I have one hdd with Ubuntu 12.04, and now I added another one for windows (because I wanna play Day Z =p).

The problem is that the windows installer says it can't partition the hdd (unknown reason).

So I want to use Ubuntu's disk utility to format/partition the hdd, but I don't know exactly what to do (for example, which filesystem does windows 7 need?). Can you help me on this?

Best Answer

I had two separate problems:

  • This particular disk (western digital caviar blue 1tb) uses a different block size, and the disk utility was adding the wrong offset at the beginning of the partition. So I installed gparted, created the partition with it (I used NTFS by the way), and it worked fine.
  • Windows won't install itself unless the target partition is in a disk that is set to boot up first, and it won't tell you why either.

Now I only need to add Windows to grub so I can use both OS.