Ubuntu – How to format hard disk in Ubuntu 14.04

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I am running Ubuntu 14.04.2 and I want to format my disk for another operating system (Windows 10).

My desire to do this stems from a recent problem I have been having with installing the new OS. I try to boot from a live DVD (which I have confirmed is working), but my computer does enter the Windows 10 installation setup.

So, I am hoping that completely wiping the disk will solve this issue. Ideally, I want to do this with my only resources being Ubuntu and an internet connection. I can't connect the hard drive to another computer, and it would be difficult for me to have to burn a disc for any reason.

Thank you.

Best Answer

Try to make a bootable CD or pendrive of Ubuntu and then choose Try Ubuntu option. That is try to run live ubuntu and then using GParted (Which is in-built) try to format the partition in which your other OS is.

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