Ubuntu – How to format a DVD-RW


I have a dvd-RW- / Ubuntu (nautilus and KB3) recognise this DVD as DVD with restricted overwrite. So i cannot reuse that DVD. I had to pass in Windows – make him completely empty there, and return in Ubuntu. Then everything work normal. (recognise the DVD as sequential). Is there a explanation and a better solution?

Neither KB3 neither the terminal command: BD/DVD±RW/-RAM format utility by , version 7.1. 🙁 mounted media doesn't appear to be DVD±RW, DVD-RAM or Blu-ray. * In this case the DVD was make "empty" with KB3. When I redo the same in Windows, it will work in Ubuntu.

Best Answer

There are a couple of different options. I think the easiest is:

dvd+rw-format -force=full /dev/sr0

I also think that is the one most commonly already installed on your system. I think there's an option in k3b to blank it for you... Oh, just found it, under tools->format/erase rewritable disk. Back in the day we would just do a dd and write zeros over the whole disk, lol. Good luck!

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