Ubuntu – How to force GNOME panels et. al. to display on a different monitor without mirroring

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So, I recently purchased a new 23" monitor for my PC. However, I can't use it with the PC currently as I am waiting on a replacement heatsink. In the mean time, I wanted to use it with my Dell laptop. I hooked it up to the VGA port, and it seems to be working properly.

However, I wanted to know if there was a way I could move all of the main display elements over to the attached monitor? I wanted to shut the LCD panel off on the laptop and hook it up like a desktop.

Relevant specs:

Ubuntu 10.10 x64
Intel graphics chipset

The attached monitor is currently set as the default monitor.

Any suggestions are welcome. 🙂

Best Answer

As a more formal answer, for others who have a similar issue in the future:

You can go to System > Preferences > Monitors and select the "Off" radio button for your laptop's monitor. This will turn it off and move all windows to the main display. Make sure you have enabled your LCD monitor, or you will not be able to change the laptop display to "Off."