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Suspend and Hibernate was not working in my Ubuntu 11.04 and I followed these instructions to fix the issue by installing uswsusp.

The commands s2ram and s2disk were working fine for me and hence I replaced the contents of hal-system-power-suspend-linux and hal-system-power-hibernate-linux as directed in the above link.

Now after my upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10, I am unable to hibernate my system. How to rectify this issue? Is there any config file which I need to change for hibernate to function properly?

Best Answer

Please make sure that your swap is mounted correctly. Edit the /etc/fstab/ file using the nano editor:

sudo nano /etc/fstab

When the /etc/fstab is opened, go to the line where you can read: ” # swap was on /dev/…..” immediately after this line, I mean the next line, be sure there is no ”#”. If there is a ”#” starting this following line, just delete it. Then press Ctrl+O and after that Enter to save the changes you made to fstab, then Ctrl+X to exit nano. Now your swap space will be active for hibernation after the next reboot.

sudo apt-get install uswsusp

...and restart your computer.

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