Find Executable File – How to Find the Executable File of an App if ‘whereis’ is Not Showing It

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This basically to do with cuttlefish(The app from showdown) in this case.

I cant find the location of the executable file for it.

The command whereis did not give any results!

I want to add it to my start up applications and thus i need the path!

P.S: the preferences of the app are not showing up and ticking against the start automatically thing when the settings for the 1st time showed up is not working!.

So i need to find out the executable/bin file…

How do i do this?

Best Answer

You can use apt-file search <package-name> or dpkg -S <package-name>, where <package-name> is the package you want to search.

Note that these commands will output many results. To find the required package use grep:

apt-file search package | grep -E "(bin/)?package$"


dpkg -S package | grep -E "(bin/)?package$"

This searches the lines whose last word is package and may or may not be preceded by bin/, for example it will result both /usr/bin/package and /usr/anydirectory/package.

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