Ubuntu – How to find and run an application that’s already installed

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I see that apturl is installed on my computer, but I can't seem to locate it.

Can anybody tell me how I can find an installed application on this computer?
I am getting very frustrated.

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Not all programs are graphical, and thus they will not be in your menu.

You can locate them with several commands

which apturl
locate apturl

locate uses a database that is automatically updated every 24 hours. To manually update,

sudo updatedb

If your command is not on your path, use find

find */*bin -name apturl

See also What is the Linux equivalent to Windows' Program Files?

Learning to use programs on the command line takes a little time. IMO it is invaluable to learn to read the man pages. They seem like Greek at first, but in time they are invaluable.

You can also try -h or --help

less --help
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