Ubuntu – How to Extend Ubuntu OS Partition Size from Unallocated Partition


I am using Ubuntu 16.10 ( along with Windows 7 ) in a partition of around 35 GB. Recently I need to extend this size due to lack of space. So I have shrink 25 GB space from Windows ( left as unallocated partition ).

After some googling I got some articles abot how to do that, but known of them was helpful.

Can anyone help to extend Ubuntu OS partition. It will helpful if step by step process can be provided.

I have attached a screenshot of current partition structure.

Ubuntu Partition

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Best Answer

You cannot simply assemble several non-juxtaposed pieces of partition into one in a normal paritioning scheme.

To achieve what you want to do, you would need to reinstall the Ubuntu part (remember to do yoru backups first!), using LVM (Logical Volume Management)

Under such circumstances, you would indeed be able to add individual partitions to a volume group, and piece them together to make a single logical volume.

The advantage of this approach is that additionally, you can make your Ubuntu partition grow to also include additional drives etc.

See here the section on installing using Logical Volume Manager

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