Ubuntu – How to Expand , Resize “extended partition”?


How can I expand/resize my extended partition (sda3) with unallocated free space to the left of it? I want this to be able to expand my / partition (sda5).

gParted screenshot

Best Answer

You only can resize (except expanding by moving the right border; depending on the file system) partitions that are unmounted.

Every partition that is in use by your system is mounted. You can see it in gParted when there is this key symbol right to the partition name.

So you have to unmount the partitions inside the extended partition (sda5, sda6, sda7) and then the extended partition (sda3) itself. This is done by selecting "unmount" in the context menu of the partition in gParted.

But stop! Ubuntu will not allow you to unmount the partitions it is running from. Therefore, you have to boot your PC from a live medium (e.g. Ubuntu installation DVD) and run gParted inside this live sessions, where no hard disk partitions are mounted.

Note that partitioning is always dangerous and can lead to data loss or errors at boot time. So make sure your backups are valid and up to date!