Ubuntu – How to establish pppoe connection in Ubuntu


I have problems with Internet connection with most Ubuntu DEs, except KDE – network managers don't allow me to establish a DSL PPPoE connection.

So I'm thinking to buy a router – conventional, I don't want a WiFi router, to take the task of performing the PPPoE connection away from the desktop.

My Internet cable which goes into my apartment has RJ-45 connector, which I plug in right into Ethernet port of my PC, no other devices being used.

I used to do it by creating DSL connection with 'pppoe' in the service field, typing password and login. Also I could use pppoeconf command for that isn't available anymore for last *buntu releases.

Such issue with DSL ppoeconf is in:
*buntu (GNOME3,XFCE,Ubuntu Mate) (except KDE) 16.04/18.04/18.04.1/18.04.2/18.04.3, though it works from live-usb.

Best Answer

Operating systems doesn't care what operating system the router uses. The standards are open and vendor-neutral. In general the relevant standards are:

  • Ethernet for providing physical connectivity. The NIC in your computer has to be supported by the OS you're using, but every Ethernet card can talk to all other Ethernet devices, generally speaking.
  • IPv4, the most-common protocol today on the internet. This is well supported by Linux, and most other modern operating systems.
  • IPv6, the next generation Internet Protocol, with increased address space to accommodate more devices on the Internet.

When it comes to configuration, the software used by Mikrotik, winbox, is only supported on Windows. It is purported to be well supported in Wine. I also believe mikrotik devices have a command line interface which can be used.

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