Ubuntu – How to encrypt/decrypt file within gedit


In the previous version of Ubuntu (eg: maverick, natty), I used to do a:

sudo apt-get install gedit-plugins seahorse

to have the ability to encrypt/decrypt file within Gedit after enabling the plugin in the preferences.

But since, Oneiric I've not found a way of achieving this.

And now that I'm running Precise (the LTS version!), I'm a bit disappointed of not being able to do such things.

Best Answer

I had to fight a bit with ryran's example until I got what I needed: encrypt using my GPG key to several people. This is the code to encrypt:

gpg -a -e -r test@test.com -r test2@test.com --no-tty -

And to decrypt:

gpg -d --no-tty - 2> /dev/null

And set input to "current document" and output to "replace current document" in both cases.

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