Ubuntu – How to ENABLE paste in terminal with (middle) mouse button

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After an apt-get update && apt-get upgrade my middle mouse button paste stopped working on the Xserver/12.04.2 LTS. It might have been due to a apt-get autoremove as well, which i ran just afterwards, but i don't recall the specific point when it stopped working. Basically copy-paste is gone which i've never seen before on any xserver i've used… quite a handicap.

I've re-installed xsel. If i mark text in xterm and call xsel -p i do see the marked text, so apparently selections are being copied into the primary selection buffer, only the paste key functionaltiy is gone.

Any idea on how to bind any mouse key to paste text from the selection buffer in applications (esp xterm, urxvt) ? (It does not have to be middle mouse button in particular).

Best Answer

enter image description hereIMO easiest method is to install gpointing-device-settings

sudo apt-get install gpointing-device-settings

You then 'use wheel emulation'

gpointing-device-settings looks as in image.

try this it may help you out.